Reciprocal Listings

6 Months (MLS) - $250.00

12 months (MLS) - $500.00

Lockbox Rental Available - $10.00 per month

Must complete:

1. Letter of Good Standing from your Local Board Association.

2. C.A.R. Membership application form (MARK OTHER FOR RECIPROCAL LISTING).

3. Must send in this completed data input sheet. Any field marked with an asterisk must be provided.

4. Required: A mimum of one photo of the front of the property. No pictures with real estate or other signage allowed in MLS.

5. Listings that go pending during 6 months are charged $50 per month until closed. 

6. The rules and regulations for the CRMLS include timely submission to the association office of any status changes which includes a two day rule for updates, i.e. pending, price changes, backup, etc.

Once forms are completed:

1. Email to

2. FAX to 559-673-9050

3. Bring to 405 N. I St #C, Madera, CA 93637 for processing

4. Make payment through check or credit card